Our Church In The World

In 1868 Andrew Johnson, a strong Union supporter, is President,succeeding Abraham Lincoln.
Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" is published.
The game of Badminton is invented, and ...
a small group of Reformed and Congregationalist New Englanders
in central New Jersey, led by a Civil War veteran, forms a church
in order to worship God in their accustomed way.

In 1918 Woodrow Wilson, co-founder of the Presbyterian Church USA and
former Governor of New Jersey, is President.
World War I, the "War to end all Wars," ends.
Billy Graham and Leonard Bernstein are born.
A world-wide flu epidemic kills hundreds of thousands, and ...
our church experiences a period of hardship, overcoming
it with faith, good will and fellowship.

In 1968 Lyndon B. Johnson is President, following the assassination
of John F. Kennedy.
Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy are assassinated.
The USS Pueblo is captured by North Korea.
"Surveyor" lands on the moon.
There is world-wide student unrest, and ...
David Bishop, Margie Royle are among a group of young people confirmed into the
membership of our church during a time of
rapid growth.

In 2018 Donald Trump is President.
Wars, student unrest and flu epidemics still occupy the headlines,
as does terrorism on a scale never known before, but ...
the members of this one-hundred fifty year-old Presbyterian congregation continue to worship the Lord in our accustomed way,
determined to "let our light shine in the world" (Matthew 5:16), to the glory of God.